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Rita Ora: I have no time for men

Rita Ora has sworn off men following her difficult split from Rob Kardashian.

The Hot Right Now singer was dating the brother of reality star Kim last year, but they split in December, with Rita blaming distance for the break-up. She has since been linked to X Factor's James Arthur and Diana Ross' son Evan.

But Rita told The Sun: "I have no time for the opposite sex at the moment. Strictly none."

Rob posted a string of messages online about an unnamed ex-girlfriend following their split, claiming: "She cheated on me with nearly 20 dudes while we were together. I am actually disgusted."

It was thought he was referring to Rita, although he later denied that by pointing out he didn't mention anyone by name.

Asked if those messages hurt her, Rita said: "No. Nooooo. To tell you the truth I don't put energy toward things that don't need light. You don't need it."

And Rita, 22, insisted the only person in her life right now was best friend, bisexual supermodel Cara Delevingne, 20.

She said: "She's officially mine. She's, like, untouchable. I've taken her off the market. We call each other 'wifey'. You know what a wifey means? It's like your other half. Like when you get married, like, that's your wife!"

Rita revealed: "I met Cara a long time ago at a festival. We are really similar but come from totally different backgrounds. I found someone who is exactly like me who isn't really from my world.

"We just kept seeing each other and naturally started talking more and more. And now we're always together."


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