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Rita's jewels locked away on set

Coronation Street star Barbara Knox has revealed her street is paved with pearls and diamonds after years of collecting jewellery to wear on the show.

The 78-year-old actress has played newsagent Rita Sullivan for over 40 years, first appearing briefly in the show as an exotic dancer in 1964.

And after decades of shopping for her glamorous character, she has amassed a collection of jewels that now has to be kept under lock and key on the Corrie set in Manchester.

Knox revealed: "We have to have a lock on it. There's dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of earrings, bracelets - you name it.

"And in the wardrobe in my room I have three coat hangers, you know for trousers where they've only got one bar, and they have pearls and diamante, anything you like. I've got it here."

The soap veteran continued: "Obviously you don't set out to be in the programme 40 years, you just think, 'Oh, I'll keep that because of whatever, and then years have gone on and my dressing room is absolutely full of jewels."

Knox - who insists on choosing all Rita's clothes and accessories herself - has been busy shopping for a wedding outfit as Rita prepares to marry for the third time.

Rita is set to tie the knot with Dennis Tanner, played by Philip Lowrie, who was her sweetheart when she first appeared in the show in 1964.

Corrie's props and costume department would be happy to take over the task.


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