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RJ Mitte impresses fans with proud Celebrity Island exit

Viewers and castaways showed respect for the Breaking Bad star’s decision.

Celebrity Island viewers have showered praise on Breaking Bad actor RJ Mitte who voiced his disappointment in his team before dropping out of the show.

The US star became the first castaway to leave the island after just eight days when he became fed up with his fellow contestants’ approach to survival.

He told the team on Channel 4’s Tuesday night episode: “I just feel very disappointed in the team that we weren’t more prepared.

“We’re just so unorganised and I just really feel that over the last couple of days we’ve really learned nothing.

“I just know what’s going to happen. So I’m leaving today.”

While the other islanders tried to convince him to stay, he called in the producers to pick him up in what show fans deemed to be a proud exit.

One impressed viewer commented on Twitter: “Can RJ get a knighthood?”, while another added: “What a hero!”

While his decision divided opinions among the campers, Ryan Thomas described him as the “ultimate survivor”, and Sharron Davies added that he was one of the most knowledgeable people.


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