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Robbie Fowler crashes out of The Jump

Robbie Fowler suffered a nasty fall as he attempted to land his jump, but came off his skis and was then out of the competition.

Robbie Fowler became the latest star to crash out of The Jump on Sunday night (19Feb17).

The 41-year-old footballer had been hoping to emerge victorious on the Channel 4 winter sports show, but had a disappointing performance on the Skeleton challenge.

Competing against rugby star Jason Robinson, Robbie suffered a painful fall as he attempted to land, resulting in a score of zero and his departure from the show.

Speaking to host Davina McCall after his exit was announced, Robbie said: "Every single minute of this I've absolutely loved. It's been a wonderful experience!"

Robbie suffered a fall in training earlier in the week, which had affected his confidence on the slope. Then, when it came to him jumping, Robbie landed with too much pressure - meaning he came flying off the skis and tumbling down the slope and into the side barrier.

Proving he hadn't suffered any lasting injuries, Robbie got up and walked towards Davina, much to the presenter's relief.

In an interview with the Press Association (PA) after the live show, Robbie explained he was in the "wrong frame of mind" after asking staff at the top of the jump if it was definitely safe due to the thick fog.

"It was the first time I had asked and everyone okayed it," he said. "But then I just went….. I mistimed the jump, I tried to ski down on one leg and get over the blue line but it wasn’t to be and I ended up face-planting the snow. I’m a team player and I always want to be involved, so I’m a bit gutted."

Robbie will clearly be missed by his fellow celebrities on The Jump, who put the striker on their shoulders and chanted his name to mark his exit.

The sportsman also addressed claims the show should be axed because it's too dangerous and often leads to its celebrity competitors being seriously injured.

"If it’s dangerous then they don’t let you do it, the people who run the show have respect for the individual who is about to perform. If you do everything properly under the right tuition then everything is fine," he added to PA.

"I could go onto a football pitch and get injured – anything you do in any walk of life potentially has something there that could become a little bit adverse."

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