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Robbie shows off his 'pet perms'

Robbie Williams shows off some fetching new hairdos - by balancing his pets on his head.

The chart star is seen trying out a series of new hairstyles by posing with his beloved dogs to create the effect of wigs.

The private photos of the star - which give a new spin on the phrase "poodle perm" - are among the candid shots in a new book, You Know Me.

He explains in the book: "The press continually do the same story, the headline that should be - 'Guy That Used To Be Young Gets Progressively Older', Hair Turns A Different Colour' etc, etc.

"So I was just trying out different colours to see what would suit me if I dyed my hair, using the dogs as colour pods. I think there could be a new website in there somewhere where people send pictures of themselves with their dogs as wigs."

In the photos, taken this year, he says his white-coated pet Poupette gives him a "very Louis XIVth" look, while his dog Wall-E makes him appear "Andy Warhol-esque".

Another shot shows him with Maggie - which he says makes him "look demure - or like Davy Crockett", while the photo with his dog Abba makes him look "afro-tastic", Robbie concludes.

You Know Me, which looks back over his 20-year music career, has been co-written with journalist Chris Heath, who wrote Robbie's biography Feel.

The hardback book, published by Ebury, costs £20.


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