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Robbie Williams's wife appears in alternative ending to his new video

Robbie Williams recruited his wife Ayda Field to cameo in an alternative ending to his new music video, an appearance which sees her getting intimate with another woman.

The role was a surprise for Field, who originally thought she would be be appearing opposite a "fit man" rather than someone of her own sex.

The singer's video for new single Mixed Signals sees him battling with paranoia that his on-screen partner - played by a model in the video - is cheating on him with another man.

Clearly concerned, he desperately attempts to call her while she enjoys a night out with her female friends as he sings the lyrics: "And it's almost 3am, w hen you decide to show. You're gonna tell me where you've been, d on't spare me the details, I wanna know.

" What does he look like? What does he talk like? Thought you wanted to make this work, b ut you're sending me mixed signals."

The ending to the original video sees the girlfriend return home at the end of the evening to climb into bed with Williams, suggesting that his concerns were unfounded.

But the alternative conclusion reveals Williams's on-screen partner entering a bedroom to cheat on him with Field, a surprising twist to the tale.

Field said that when her husband, to whom she has been married since 2010, asked her to appear in the video, she assumed she would be getting intimate with a male model.

Speaking on ITV's Loose Women, the panellist said she thought it would be "interesting" to have her husband pick out a "fit man" for her to work with, but was left surprised when he revealed her co-star would be a woman.

Field, 37, said : " He showed me a picture of the model the night before, and he's like, 't his is the model', and it's some blonde girl!

"I was like, 'what?' And he was like, 'so she's going to be in lingerie and you're going to be in lingerie'."

Williams, 43, and US actress Field have been an item since 2006 and have been married for six and a half years.

They have two children together - four-year-old daughter Theodora Rose and two-year-old son Charlton Valentine.


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