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Ronnie Corbett: My contented life

Ronnie Corbett says his professional success is all down to his marriage.

The pint-sized comedian wed actress and dancer Anne Hart in 1965.

Ronnie, 80, who is presenting a two-part series on comedy stars, said: "My extremely happy marriage is the spine of the whole thing.

"I have a contented life with two lovely daughters, so that makes it all rather special."

In his ITV1 show Ronnie Corbett's Comedy Britain, Ronnie finds out who inspired stars such as The Office's co-creator Stephen Merchant, sitcom star Miranda Hart and Peep Show duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

Ronnie said: "I am fans of all the people I talk to in Ronnie Corbett's Comedy Britain. It was a treat to meet and blather away to them."

But he said that a lot has changed since he first found success.

"There are a good deal more stand-ups than there used to be. People aren't as keen to engage with other performers and do sketch humour any more," he said.

"A certain amount of theatricality is now missing. People don't dress up like they used to. They arrive at the venue in the clothes they go to work in, perform in those clothes and have a drink afterwards still in them. There's no kind of costume."

:: Ronnie Corbett's Comedy Britain begins on ITV1 tonight (August 6).


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