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Rory McIlroy opens up about his relationship with fiancée Erica Stoll

By Amy Mulvaney

Rory McIlroy has opened up about his relationship with fiancée Erica Stoll, revealing that he "didn't really ask her out," but instead asked her, "what's going on here?"

The Irish golfer spoke on Cool FM about his relationship, saying that he and Erica were friends for "a couple of years" before they began dating.

"I think the nicest thing about Erica and I's relationship is we started out as friends," he said.

"We were friends for a couple of years, we knew each other from the golf circuit and in summer 2014 started to spend a bit more time together and it went from there."

"We spent Halloween together in 2014 and then the day next we went for a bit of brunch and we bumped into my mam and dad, but they knew her anyway so that was okay."

"We were sort of seeing each other for about a month and I didn't really ask her out, I just sort of said, 'What's going on here? Where's this going?'"

McIlroy (27) revealed that Stoll was apprehensive at first about their relationship, as she was "conscious" of putting him under pressure.

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"I think she was conscious she didn't want to pressurise me into anything because of what had went on with me but I was all for it," he said.

When asked about wedding plans, the Co Down native didn't give too much away about the big day, saying that the wedding will be in 2017 and not confirming a date, with speculation that they will tie the knot on New Year's Eve at Ashford Castle.

He said that his suit is bought, and "everything is under control."

"Between us we can just about make a decision," he joked.

"I've gotten involved [in planning the wedding]. Erica keps saying, 'It's our day, not just my day.'"

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