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Rose McGowan: 'Acting made me uncomfortable'

Actress Rose McGowan still struggles with how rife sexism is in Hollywood.

The 42-year-old hit the headlines earlier this year when she shared a sexist casting note for a comedy with her Twitter followers. The furore reportedly led to Rose being blacklisted by industry big wigs but the star is happy to step away from acting and focus on singing and directing, as it had become something that filled her with unease.

“I was very uncomfortable in that life,” she told Britain’s The Sunday Times Style magazine before elaborating on the misogyny that still exists in the industry and which she has witnessed firsthand.

“There are actors who I’ve worked with who would make the female dresser put their ‘sock’ (worn in sex scenes) on their p**is. You’re literally making a woman, a girl who’s probably being paid $20 an hour, be on her knees in your trailer. Talk about hetero-normative fat culture.”

Rose is glad to see other actresses standing up for themselves in the film business when it comes to equal opportunities and pay, most recently Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence. But the Scream star can understand why some actresses feel unable to make such a statement.

“Maybe some actresses are doing it for the wrong reasons, but a lot of them, I would hope, are doing it for the work,” she said. “Just because other people are jealous doesn’t mean it’s a perfect life.”

Rose has certainly been on the receiving end of criticism and media attention during her career. As well as a highly publicised romance with Marilyn Manson, her controversial relationship with married director Robert Rodriguez exposed her to a lot of bad press with no support from people working behind the scenes.

“Agents double-deal on everything, because if they want to get their (more lucrative) client a job, they’re not going to protect you,” she explained. “(Publicists) also throw the smaller fish to the wolves. They’ll leak an item so a bigger item gets squashed. Like ‘I’ll give you a made-up story about Rose if you protect my other client.’”

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