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Rosenthal looks like screen mum

Friday Night Dinner star Tom Rosenthal says his real mum is a tad jealous of his screen mum Tamsin Greig.

Tom, 24, who plays youngest son Jonny in the Channel 4 sitcom, says his mum, a former producer on Newsnight, is shocked by her son's resemblance to Tamsin.

The actor said: "My mum gets jealous of Tamsin because she looks more like my mum than my mum does.

"I look like Tamsin Greig but minus a few years and a wig."

Stand-up comedian Tom's father is the sports pundit Jim Rosenthal while his father in the sitcom is an eccentric who walks around shirtless.

"My dad isn't as weird as Dad in this yet, but he does walk around without clothes on sometimes," joked Tom.

"I feel bad saying this, but it is quite funny. He now sits and watches sport on television and gets progressively angry about people that he sees get it wrong, so I'll walk into the room where he's watching telly barking at Gary Lineker or whatever and I think, 'Oh no, this is really tragic and sad'."


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