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Rosie O'Donnell convinced Kathy Griffin to apologise for Trump beheading photo

The star doesn't see why she should continue to say sorry for the ill-conceived photoshoot.

Kathy Griffin agreed to issue a public apology following the Donald Trump beheading photo controversy after a heart-to-heart with fellow comedienne Rosie O'Donnell.

Griffin hit headlines in May (17) when she posted footage from a photoshoot with provocative snapper Tyler Shields on social media, depicting her holding up a decapitated Trump "wig head".

The scandal sparked a backlash online, and even prompted an investigation by U.S. Secret Service officials, leading the funnywoman to pull the images from her site, and express her sorrow over the ill-conceived photo session.

Now Griffin has revealed it was O'Donnell, another vocal critic of the U.S. President, who convinced her she had gone too far.

In a candid interview with The Cut, the TV personality explains O'Donnell called her and made her think twice after referencing the American journalist who was beheaded by ISIS terrorists in 2014.

"What is James Foley's mum going to think when she sees this?," O'Donnell asked Griffin.

The conversation was enough to make Griffin post a video apology online, but she later staged a defiant press conference, during which she accused the Republican President of bullying her.

Griffin, who lost a number of gigs following the scandal and became the target of death threats, insists she is no longer willing to say sorry for her misjudgement, because Trump's controversial actions in office have proved he is not fit to lead the country.

"He said there are some good Nazis, and he's kicking out young adults who were brought here as kids by their parents, and I'm the one who has to continue to apologise?," she remarked as she addressed Trump's response following the violent white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this month (Aug17) and his hardline approach to illegal immigration. "I'm a comedian; he's our f**king president."

Griffin was exonerated by Secret Service officials over her involvement in the bloody photoshoot last month (Jul17).

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