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Ross Kemp is open to acting return

Ross Kemp laid into former EastEnders boss Sean O'Connor for how he treated his actors.

Ross Kemp hasn’t ruled out a return to acting.

The small screen hardman’s comments about going back to his original profession come after he blasted outgoing EastEnders boss Sean O'Connor for working the cast to the ground.

Appearing on Friday’s (07Jul17) This Morning, Ross was asked by hosts Amanda Holden and Ben Shephard if he’d ever return to performing.

"Do you know what, never say never,” he confessed. "In our line of work, (we) may present a game show, may go back to acting."

Ross rose to fame playing Grant Mitchell on the London-based soap, alongside his onscreen brother Phil, played by Steve McFadden.

The Extreme World presenter quit the show in 1999 after nearly a decade in Walford, but has made brief returns to Albert Square over the years.

It’s been reported that new boss John Yorke, who previously helmed the show from 2000 to 2002, is hoping to woo back some old favourites, after executive producer Sean quit due to a massive ratings slump.

Talking about Sean to The Sun, Ross laid into the former EastEnders head for how he treated cast members.

“He reminded me of a sort of schoolteacher of a kind of third-rate public school. That’s not really what you want for the cast of EastEnders.

“You write it well, you cast it well and you do the right things - and you don’t abuse certain members, i.e. you don’t work them into the f**king ground, which is what happened,” he fumed.

“The cast are earning more than the executive producers, which makes it a very odd power balance, doesn’t it?”

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