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Ross redfaced over failed nude joke

Jonathan Ross was left red-faced when he tried to give his wife a nude surprise - and ended up flashing a movie director.

The presenter said he turned up to wife Jane Goldman's workplace stark naked for fun, but ended up baring all to the unnamed director.

Ross, who ended his BBC shows in the summer, bared all about the incident in a one-off Channel 4 chat show hosted by Jamie Oliver, to be screened on Thursday.

The controversial broadcaster - who ran into trouble after leaving obscene messages for Andrew Sachs during a Radio 2 programme - said he often tries to put screenwriter Goldman off her work.

He said: "For some reason a friend of mine bought me for my 50th birthday a white top hat - I think they thought I was going to entertain hen parties in Essex.

"I went down to where my wife was working and just before I got there I took all my clothes off, put on the white top hat and walked in.

"I didn't know there was a world famous film director in there - Jane shooed me out very quickly."

Goldman has worked on scripts for movies such as Stardust and Kick-Ass - both directed by Matthew Vaughn - and on The Debt, directed by John Madden.

The interview will be screened in Jamie's Christmas Lock-In on Thursday at 10pm.


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