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Royal wedding: Westminster Abbey verger caught cartwheeling down aisle after Wills and Kate get hitched

A Westminster Abbey verger, overjoyed by the success of the royal wedding, took his chance to cartwheel down the aisle of Westminster Abbey yesterday.

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Wearing a black gown and dog collar, he broke into the spontaneous act of acrobatics, not knowing cameras were rolling and millions were watching.

The cassock-clad man waited until the 1,900 guests had left before seizing his chance to cartwheel down the carpet William and Kate had just walked along for the first time as a married couple.

Westminster Abbey's press office has confirmed the man is a member of staff, but has refused to identify him in order to protect him from the attention the incident is attracting.

"I think he was just reflecting the exuberance of the nation. It was after the wedding had long finished," said a spokesperson.

A verger is a church official who acts as caretaker and attendant.

The staffer is not the first to perform the stunt. Danish born Alexandra, Princess of Wales from 1844-1925, famously won over the Royal family by cartwheeling through Windsor Castle on her first visit there.

Video: Cartwheeling staffer

The scene was reminiscent of the recent T-Mobile viral ad (below) that has also been a huge YouTube hit.

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