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R-Patz 'bought busker new guitar'

Robert Pattinson has apparently shown his generous side by forking out on a new guitar for a busker.

The Twilight hunk, best known for playing icy vampire Edward Cullen, displayed his warm-heartedness after spotting the man outside a music store in LA, The Sun reports.

An onlooker told the newspaper: "We were gobsmacked when he handed the acoustic guitar to the tramp. Robert quickly went back to his car and drove off.

"The busker was totally shell-shocked. He had no idea who Robert was - I think he thought the guitar was stolen."

The finale of R-Patz's vampire franchise, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, which will be released in two parts, sees R-Patz, 25, and Kristen Stewart reprise their roles as vampire Edward Cullen and human Bella Swan respectively.

The first part will be released in the UK on November 18.


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