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Rufus Wainwright reveals father Loudon's 'tremendous jealousy'

Musician Rufus Wainwright says his singer father Loudon Wainwright III was jealous of him and not good at masking resentment.

Rufus, 42, has told a British magazine how his relationship with his father, 69, was "very difficult for a long time".

But he says they have "found a plateau" where they "love and respect each other".

"Of all the relationships in my life, the one with my dad has changed the most," Rufus told The Big Issue.

"It was very difficult for a long time.

"But we seem to have found a plateau where we love and respect each other, though we still have to be mindful of our wounds."

Rufus, daughter of folk singer Kate McGarrigle and brother of musician Martha Wainwright, 39, added: "I think he was always proud of me but that was coupled with a tremendous jealousy.

"His career was over by the time mine really took off.

"He had to step aside, which to this day he refuses to do.

"He wasn't very good at masking his resentment."

Rufus's parents divorced when he was a child.

He said McGarrigle, who died aged 63 six years ago, did not "speak highly" of his father.

"To be fair, my mother wasn't particularly kind to him when we were growing up," Rufus told The Big Issue.

"She didn't speak highly of him.

"That's the worst thing any parent can do to the other.

"But I forgive her wholly because he was the love of her life and her heart was broken."

:: Loudon appeared to write about his relationship with Rufus in his 1992 song A Father And A Son. The song included the lines: "I don't want to die and you want to live; It takes a little bit of take and a whole lot of give. It never really ends though each race is run, This thing between a father and a son."


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