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Russell Brand says marriage to Katy Perry 'like being in a sitcom'

Russell Brand described yesterday how his marriage to Katy Perry (left) is like something from a "sitcom".

The former lothario (35) said the couple -- who wed last month outside a tiger sanctuary in India -- had already begun behaving like a stereotypical husband and wife.

He said that the wedding and the marriage were conventional, adding, "It was like a normal wedding. Everyone gets all worked up about showbusiness and celebrity but. . . it was just normal.

"It's just a normal marriage. The other day I put a shirt on, we're getting ready to go somewhere, and she went, 'You're wearing that shirt are you?'

"I thought, that's actually happening? That's a thing off a sitcom. That happened in my actual life. I wasn't allowed to wear it."

The presenter-turned-film star denied giving his new bride a tiger as a wedding gift, saying: "I'm vegetarian . . . It's stupid. The tiger won't like it."

The 'Get Him To The Greek' star married Perry (26) in a lavish October wedding conducted by a Hindu priest, after the couple got engaged in Jaipur, India.

As the famous hell-raiser recounted tales of domestic bliss yesterday, his wife was busy in New York where she performed during the star- studded Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in New York.

Meanwhile, it was also announced yesterday that singer Justin Bieber will perform with Perry at a show to announce the Grammy nominations.

The 16-year-old Bieber -- whose song with Perry, 'California Gurls', has been among the top US pop hits of the year -- will be joined onstage by country singer Miranda Lambert, rapper BoB and singer-songwriter Bruno Mars. BoB and Mars collaborated together this year for the smash hit single, 'Nothin' On You'.

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