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Ruth laughs as Eamonn Holmes blasts erectile dysfunction ad claims

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes on their wedding day
Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes on their wedding day
Ivan Little

By Ivan Little

Eamonn Holmes has revealed that he has been the victim of internet scammers who falsely claimed he was the 'face' of their erectile dysfunctional pills on a web advertisement.

The Belfast-born TV star was speaking on ITV's This Morning programme yesterday, explaining that his attention was drawn to the scam by a doctor who was angered by him lending his name to the pills, which its makers claim can tackle men's inability to develop or maintain an erection.

But even though Eamonn was furious about the claim that he needed the pills at all, his wife Ruth Langsford was reduced to fits of laughter after he said: "The thing that gets me is, why choose me? Why should I be the face of erectile dysfunction?"

The crew on the studio floor of This Morning could also be heard giggling as a screenshot appeared on screen of the fake ad under a headline which read: "Over Two Decades Of A Happy Marriage Thanks To Eamonn Holmes Erectile Dysfunction Pills."

It also included a picture of a startled woman and Eamonn couldn't resist joining in the banter, as he said: "Look how happy that woman looks! Yeah, another satisfied customer.

"So there you go. A lot of you say why does Ruth come to work with a smile on her face.

"But why would you look at me and think, 'Oh he'll be needing a pill or two!"

Ruth, who recently returned to presenting the popular ITV network daytime show following the death of her sister, disclosed she had also been the victim of a fake advertisement for diet pills.

"We shouldn't be laughing. It is funny though. I can't speak," she said.

Eamonn also insisted that it was no laughing matter, as he added: "When I catch whoever's behind it..."

Eamonn's comments came during a discussion with money saving expert Martin Lewis who told viewers how scammers were being targeted by a new tool for UK Facebook users that allows the reporting of fake adverts.

Lewis had sued over his name and picture being used on false Facebook adverts but in return for dropping the legal case, the social media giants agreed to donate £3m to set up the anti-scam programme.

Despite Eamonn's fury over the erectile dysfunctional scam, he and Ruth returned to the issue several times during This Morning, including at one point when Ruth said people often wondered what had kept them together for 23 years.

"Yeah, pills," Eamonn said. "That's what keeps us together."

The popular presenter then joked that he would later be taking part in a segment about beachwear for the summer and then added cheekily: "As long as I don't take the pill before I get the trunks on."

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