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Ryan Moloney's CBB winter wonder

Neighbours star Ryan Moloney turned into a big kid when he woke up to snow in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The 33-year-old actor lives in Australia - where they are currently enduring a record heatwave - so when he woke up in Elstree Studios in London, where the Big Brother house is based, to see the garden covered with snow he couldn't contain his excitement.

Ryan ran straight out into the snow wearing nothing but his boxer shorts and began playing and rolling around in the freezing garden, much to the bemusement of some of the other housemates.

Meanwhile, the celebrities have been set their weekly shopping task, which sees jockey Frankie Dettori cast as a tyrannical dictator who must enforce the strict rules of his regime - including banning all hair products - on the other housemates in order to pass and win food for the group.

Frankie chose Ryan and Razor Ruddock to be his bodyguards, and they must guard him at all times in his luxurious Golden Palace, in the house gym, and carry him round the house in a special pod.

All other housemates must change into basic civilian clothes and spend their time in the main house and garden, sticking to the rules and obeying the dictator's orders. If they disobey they will be sent to an outdoor jail in the garden

However, one housemate will be called to the Diary Room and told that they must lead a revolution in order for everyone to pass the task.

Another twist in the task will see Frankie's secret conversations with Big Brother about the other housemates broadcast to them, without his knowledge.


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