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Rylan Clark strips for no-fur ad

Rylan Clark shows he's more than just a bit on the side - stripping off to campaign against wearing fur.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner and new host of Big Brother's Bit On The Side unveiled the ad for animal rights group Peta in London.

He appears naked next to the words Fur-Free And Proud, with his modesty preserved only by a no-fur logo.

Rylan said: "Everyone knows I love fashion and costumes - the more spectacular the better - but the one thing I refuse to wear is animal fur.

"There's so much else we can wear today that it's ridiculous to kill an animal for their fur. If you see me in something furry, I'm faking it all the way!"

Former X Factor contestant Rylan joined Big Brother's spin-off show Bit On The Side as host Emma Willis was made the presenter of the main Channel 5 programme, which begins on Thursday night.


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