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Sachs row delayed DJ's radio switch

Jonathan Ross put back the career of DJ pal Chris Evans by a year when he made his prank phone call with Russell Brand.

Chris was poised to take over the top BBC Radio 2 morning breakfast slot from Terry Wogan when the controversial call was made.

Wogan had also planned to step down a year earlier himself but changed his retirement plans in the wake of the ensuing scandal.

The lewd message was left during a pre-recorded weekend broadcast of The Russell Brand Show in October 2008.

Chris said everything was "literally locked down" in the aftermath of the phone call scandal as contracts were rewritten and everyone agreed to "sit tight".

He went on to speak of the new regime of "compliance" the BBC brought as a result of the scandal that rocked the corporation.

"The compliance part of the BBC is now so extensive it is unbelievable," he said, in conversation with Anne Robinson at the Hay festival.

He said of the scandal itself: "It had to happen. It was inevitable and it did not surprise me for a second."

He explained that in the years leading up to the controversy language and behaviour on TV and radio had become increasingly extreme.

He compared it to pornography which he said drew people to more and more extreme images as they became used to what they saw.


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