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Sadie Frost: Kate Moss has grown up

Sadie Frost reckons her supermodel pal Kate Moss has grown up and left her wild partying ways behind her.

The actress-turned-fashion-designer, Kate and her friends - known as the Primrose Hill set - used to be notorious for their partying, but Sadie told Hello! magazine they have tamed their lifestyles after becoming mothers.

Sadie, 46, said: "We still have a really good time, doing things normal grown-ups do with their children, playing games."

The now teetotal mother-of-four added: "On Saturdays, we cook lunch for our kids and hang out in the garden. I had a great time on Saturday night playing bingo at home with the children."

Sadie hailed Kate - mother of eight-year-old Lila Grace as a role model to her own children Finlay, 20, Rafferty, 14, Iris, 10 and Rudy, eight.

She said: "She is a huge inspiration. She's godmother to Iris, and Lila is my godchild."

Meanwhile, Sadie also called ex-husband Jude Law, who she divorced eight years ago, "the love of my life".

She said: "Right from the beginning I loved him. He is the most amazing man and the love of my life."

But Sadie - who divorced her first husband, Spandau Ballet's Gary Kemp in 1995 - revealed she still hasn't given up looking for Mr Right.

She said: "'I am such a romantic person that if he was the right person I wouldn't rule anything out. Being married twice hasn't put me off. I was incredibly lucky to fall in love with two amazing people. But there are times when you ought to be in a relationship and times when you should be on your own. You get a lot of strength from learning to live on your own."


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