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Saldana's success led to exhaustion

Zoe Saldana has revealed she "just collapsed" after the record-breaking success of Avatar.

The 33-year-old star of James Cameron's box office smash told Latina magazine the pressure of her sudden global fame and a year of constant working became too much to cope with.

Zoe said: "The year after Avatar was just emotionally overwhelming. I was travelling all over the world, waking up in different time zones. Your body gets exhausted, and by the end of the year I just collapsed."

The Star Trek actress said she was in Paris training for her new action movie Columbiana when she realised she was pushing herself too far.

She said: "I was sitting in my hotel room, and I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't stay awake. I must have slept for an entire month."

"It took me the rest of the year, even as I was working and shooting Colombiana, to pick myself up. Thank God my family was there."

Zoe - who stars an assassin avenging her parents' deaths in Columbiana - said she is now enjoying relaxing at home with actor Keith Britton, who she recently became engaged to.

She revealed: "I just stay at home and do absolutely nothing. When I was younger, that would have made me feel like such a failure. Now that I'm older, I know what it means to shut down."


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