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Salma Hayek recalls 'terrible' decompression chamber experience

Salma Hayek has recalled a time when she had to spend eight hours in a decompression chamber following a deep dive.

Salma Hayek once had to spend a day in a decompression chamber with a "crazy Bahamian" following a diving incident.

The actress is known for her performances in films such as Desperado and Frida, and roles in TV shows including Ugly Betty and 30 Rock.

In her downtime, Salma likes to pursue her passion for scuba diving, although she is now careful not to swim too deep in the ocean following an unpleasant incident she had while shooting a film in The Bahamas.

"I like to go deep. So one time I went very, very, very, very deep, with a computer and everything. Anyway, when I came out I had some interesting symptoms - that could have been from all the beer I had the night before - but just in case, someone that was with me panicked and they called the ambulance," she said during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Monday night (12Jun17). "And they took me to a decompression chamber where you have to be for eight hours."

While the 50-year-old enjoys exploring the depths of the oceans, she can sometimes become quite claustrophobic in small spaces.

Accordingly, she felt very uncomfortable whilst in the chamber, which is used to treat symptoms of decompression sickness which is caused by nitrogen bubbles forming in the bloodstream and tissues of the body.

And to make matters worse, Salma wasn't allowed to read or sleep, and was made to stay awake by a "crazy Bahamian".

"So they have this guy there to smack you if you go to sleep. And he's so bored because this is his job, so he's praying that you go to sleep so he can come and smack you," she smiled. "But the worst part was that he was very flatulent. He was not only crazy, he was full of gas... Imagine the amount of gas, my eyes were watering from the gas in the chamber, I was going crazy. And I said, 'I'm sorry, but is there any way that you can hold it?' And he goes, 'No I'm miserable here. The least I can get to do is have a good fart.'"

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