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Sam Fox: I was bitten by crazy cat

Samantha Fox has told how she was bitten by a "crazy cat" while on holiday as she warned of the health dangers of travel.

The former model needed urgent treatment for rabies while on a break in Thailand and hopes her experience will highlight the importance of visiting a doctor before travelling.

Sam said: "I travel all over the world as part of my job and often go to exotic locations, however, I did not seek medical advice before this trip as I always thought that I was aware of most health issues. My experience in Thailand has taught me that I was not aware enough and I now wish I had booked that appointment with my doctor before I went on holiday."

The reality TV star visited the popular tourist resort of Koh Samui in June and had to seek urgent medical attention after being bitten by a stray cat.

She said: "I was out for a meal and there were a number of stray cats around the restaurant, like there are in many countries abroad.

"I fed the cat some scraps of food from my plate, and thought we were getting on well as it sat by my feet. As I went to stroke the cat, it bit me so hard the wound went down to the bone.

"The owner of the restaurant told me that it was a crazy cat and that I needed to get myself to the hospital or clinic within 24 hours."

The star explained she was immediately given anti-rabies jabs in Thailand, completing the course of five injections back in the UK and did not contract the disease.

Following her experience, Fox has joined forces with 8 Weeks To Go travel health awareness campaign, developed and funded by GlaxoSmithKline Travel Health.


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