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Sam Magee: My superstar selfie with diva Kylie Minogue in Belfast

By Harriet Crawford

How do you get noticed by Kylie?

A dancer from Dundonald caught the pop diva's eye at Belfast's Odyssey Arena with his playful poster.

Sam Magee's home-made sign mirrored the lyrics of her 1990 song What Do I Have To Do, and proved the answer to its own question, 'What do we have to do to get a #Kylieselfie?'

He and his sister were enjoying the show when Kylie read his sign out to the 11,000-strong audience. "She asked the audience: 'What shall we do? Shall we get him up for a selfie?'" said Sam.

"She was really funny - talking about arts and crafts and how lovely the poster was and how it was hand-made.

"But I didn't think she was going to do get me up on stage. But then she went: 'What are you waiting for?!'"

Sam (26) told the Belfast Telegraph: "I have never jumped over a barrier so quickly in my life - I nearly broke my neck.

"I threw myself over the barrier, with the security guy trying to help me. My sister was like: 'Come on, come on'."

Sam's sister refused to go up with him: "I think she was in a state of shock - she was like: 'No, you go on!' I think before she even made her decision properly I was gone - I wasn't waiting.

"So I jumped up on stage and then Kylie was like: 'Where's your friend?' I bet you told her to film everything, you didn't let her up!'"

Kylie teased the selfie star about hogging the limelight and not letting his sister up.

"She was so genuinely nice and pleased. After it, she told the audience: 'I thought he was going to burst into song!'"

"I should have got up there and done a duet with her! It was wicked. It's an adrenaline rush getting up there." He enjoyed the cheers when he told the audience he was from Dundonald, as he now lives in London.

"It made my trip back home even more special."

Kylie appreciated the obvious effort that went into his poster - and it paid off, according to Sam.

"There were people who had posters but I think it depends what you make of it.

"If you actually make it look good rather than like a piece of paper with words scribbled on it.

"That's what Kylie said as well - she appreciated he amount of effort that went into it.

"So, make the effort! Get noticed!"

It was the second time Sam and his sister have seen Kylie on stage. "I think she is a great performer. She puts on a show and that's what I love," he said.

"She inspires dancers, singers, everybody in the arts. She has been doing it for so long and she is still as fabulous as she was 25 years ago. Maybe even better."

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