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Samia Longchambon: I had a great time undoing Eva in Corrie fountain fight scene

The actress told how she and Catherine Tyldesley were given the director’s green light to just “go for it”.

Coronation Street star Samia Longchambon has admitted she had a great time “undoing Eva” while filming her vicious fountain fight scene with Catherine Tyldesley.

The brawl, airing in the next part of the ITV soap’s bumper wedding week on Wednesday, will see Eva Price (Tyldesley) finally launch herself at Maria Connor (Longchambon) after a string of dramatic events erupting from their love triangle with Aidan Connor (Shayne Ward).

It follows Maria’s dramatic entrance into Monday’s wedding ceremony, where she revealed that Eva had been lying about her pregnancy.

Longchambon and Tyldesley dive into their unscripted cat fight.

The news came as a devastating blow to groom Aidan who, earlier that day, finally came clean about his long-running affair with Maria to his bride-to-be.

With hours to go before it all comes to a head, ITV has shared some first-look images of the dramatic scenes, which also mark the first of the show’s new regular double-bill on Wednesdays.

Admitting that the cat fight was almost completely unscripted, she said: “The fight was so much fun.

“I was dreading it before … but on the day the director just gave us the freedom to do whatever we wanted to each other and we just went for it.

“The worst thing was when (Tyldesley) grabbed my hair and started dunking my head up and down in the water – it wasn’t the nicest thing Cath’s ever done to me.

Tyldesley plunges Longchambon's head in and out of the water.

“The worst thing I did to her was rip her hair extensions out and throw her tiara across the garden.

“It was like, ‘let’s undo Eva’ and get everything off her.

“Cath said she wanted it to be like a Disney film where the beautiful princess becomes like a wicked mother.”

The culmination of the pair’s feud has been a bag of mixed emotions for the cast as well as the fans.

Commenting on Maria’s outburst at the church, where she showed Eva’s fake baby scans to all the guests, she said: “It was great, it was everything that I imagined it should be.

“It has been a really slow burner this affair, not just a flash in the pan, and it meant a lot to Maria … so it was such a treat to get those storylines.”

Longchambon is thrilled with the dramatic climax of the Corrie triangle.

But while she agreed that Maria has so far “closed the book” on the affair with Aidan – mostly because she had also believed Eva to be pregnant before she discovered the truth – she hinted that it may not be over after all.

“You never know, anything can happen,” she teased.

“The baby broke (Maria’s) heart and that’s why she backed off … so now she’s frustrated, because she thinks Aidan wouldn’t be marrying (Eva) if there was no baby, and actually there is no baby, so she could have possibly had her happy ending.”

Coronation Street continues on ITV at 7.30pm on Wednesday.


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