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Sarah Jessica explains Twitter row

Sarah Jessica Parker has explained her mysterious Twitter row over her twins.

The Sex And The City star got into a spat with a woman on the social networking site last month.

She has now told The Edit that the woman had questioned whether she was the mother of her and husband Matthew Broderick's four-year-old twin girls, Marion and Tabitha. The woman deleted her comment after SJP responded, leaving fans wondering what had prompted the row.

The star said: "That particular day, it was just one of the things I saw. I kept scrolling and then I was like, 'Wait a minute, did she just say that?' I went back and I thought, 'Well, this isn't unhealthy paranoia, this is absolutely conscious. This was a choice.'

"She, not subtly at all, said that my children are not my children.

"There have been a few - let's say half a dozen - times in my career when I have wanted to respond. I don't want to encourage people picking on her, because that's no better. But I wrote back, 'What? Like, is this fun?' She never responded and deleted it."

SJP, who used a surrogate to carry the twins, added: "I can't figure out what she hated so much about me that she did that. And I just can't imagine anything lower than that."

The star, who also has 12-year-old son James with Matthew, also revealed she initially had concerns about using sites like Twitter.

"Other people can be mean, and that's something I just have to make peace with," said the 49-year-old. "That was my worry before engaging in social media; I was afraid of it. I see mean stuff every day: when I look at Twitter I scroll with one eye open and one closed."


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