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Sarah Millican tells Cambridge students of her foray into feminist journalism

Award-winning comedian Sarah Millican spoke about her feminist journey as she visited a women's only college at Cambridge University.

The stand-up took part in a question and answer session alongside journalist Hannah Dunleavy at Newnham College, which is a women's college run by women and was founded in 1871.

The pair spoke about when they first discovered they were feminists and why they launched their female-run Standard Issue magazine after spotting a gap in the market.

Millican said: "Standard Issue will never tell you who to be, what to wear or how to look. We believe that every woman should feel empowered to be themselves.

"It's relatable, like a long lunch with a group of brilliant friends and it tells it like it is."

Millican and a team of journalists launched the online magazine in 2014, aiming to offer a witty product that champions women.

It provides a mix of news, opinions, life stories and entertainment.


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