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Scandal star previews third season

Scandal star Guillermo Diaz has revealed the third season of the show will reveal far more of his character's back story.

The actor plays former CIA operative Huck in the political drama, which is currently in its second series on More 4.

Speaking on the red carpet of the Imagen Awards in Beverly Hills, California, which honours the portrayal of Latinos and Latino cultures in TV and film, Guillermo said the third season of the thriller will answer some of the questions posed in season two.

"We are going to start the first episode of season three just minutes after the season finale, you're going to see a lot of flashbacks stuff with Huck, we are going to see him homeless again and touch on more things with him and Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) before he worked for her, you're going to go back to back in the day."

The show has become a huge success in the USA where the second season has already concluded, and Guillermo says he puts this down to the escapist subject matter.

"There are characters we haven't really seen before on television, they're all good but they're all really bad, they've all done really bad things.

"I think that's exciting for people to come home and decompress and forget about their bills and go on this fun crazy ride with us."

Scandal airs on Thursdays at 9pm on More 4.


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