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Scarlett Moffatt: 'My own chat show would be amazing!'

Scarlett Moffatt is planning on splashing out on a boob lift, a caravan for her mum and dad and "lots of chicken kebabs" with the money she earns off the back of her I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! victory.

Scarlett Moffatt would love to host a chat show off the back of her I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! victory.

Her witty remarks and hilarious down-to-earth attitude on the programme won Scarlett legions of fans, many of whom have called for her to front her own show.

But while she admits that would be her dream, Scarlett acknowledges it's a bit of a far-fetched prospect right now.

"I think I might be pushing it there aren't I? I might start a bit lower," she told The Sun. "A chat show would be amazing, but I feel like I'd need to learn a lot more before I start doing something like that.

"Alan Carr, Jonathan Ross, people like that, they work hard. I've got a lot of learning to do before I do anything like that. I don't want to just go in because I've been given the opportunity, I feel like I want to go in and know that 'Right Scarlett, you've got this', rather than just be winging it'."

Scarlett has been tipped to rake in more than £1 million following her jungle win. And the pretty brunette is planning to spend some of that cash on self-improvement. After having dropped from a 16 to a size six, Scarlett is now hoping to have a breast lift to complete her transformation.

"Now that I've lost weight, and my t**ties are cleaning my shoes, I would like them lifted to where they are meant to be," she laughed. "When I was bigger I had J-cup boobs and I would get a really bad backache. I was advised by the doctors actually that I should probably get them reduced.

"It isn't that it bothers me particularly, but I would just love to be able to not have to wear a maternity bra, and have one that normal people wear. And that is one thing I'm going to look into next year."

Another item on Scarlett's dream shopping list is a caravan for her parents, as she explained: "It would just be nice to buy my dad a caravan. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as happy or content as I have now, so a million pounds isn’t going to make any difference.

“I’m really sensible with my money. So I would like to own my own house rather than rent. That’s really boring isn’t it? What else can I buy? Loads of chicken kebabs!"

It remains to be seen whether or not Scarlett or her family will return to popular Channel 4 show Gogglebox.

A statement from the channel to Digital Spy on Monday read: "The show's producers have not had any conversations with Scarlett about leaving or returning to Gogglebox after her stint in the Jungle."

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