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Scarlett opens up about leaked pics

Scarlett Johansson has told how she felt "violated" after nude pictures of her were leaked online.

The We Bought A Zoo actress spoke out about the leak of private photos from her mobile phone last year.

She told Stylist: "It was really terrible, I felt absolutely violated. I wasn't really aware of how vulnerable all of us are, but I think everybody is just discovering that now, especially with the recent phone-hacking scandals."

Scarlett added: "Being hacked made me feel more vulnerable than I ever had previously. I couldn't figure it out. For a while, I thought it must be someone that I knew who was posting these pictures of me and that was making me incredibly paranoid.

"I was looking around at all of my friends, who I have known for 20 years, wondering who the backstabber was. So to find out it wasn't a friend who hacked in was a relief."

The 27-year-old also told Stylist that "work" was her "therapy" following her divorce after two years of marriage with Ryan Reynolds.

"I think I'm in that place now where things that I thought I knew, I actually didn't. And I'm more willing to admit that I was wrong, and to change my perspective and route," she said.


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