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Schwimmer's a Friend to US cops

David Schwimmer has helped police solve a stabbing case in New York.

The former Friends star came to the aid of cops investigating a stabbing crime by showing them his surveillance video, reported the New York Post.

The cameras outside his East Village home captured footage of a drunken argument between a male prostitute, his pimp and an alleged robber, which escalated into a robbery and a stabbing.

Two men were taken into custody, after using the surveillance footage to build a case against the alleged thief. He is now facing charges of robbery, assault with intent to cause dismemberment and disfigurement, criminal possession of stolen property and criminal mischief.

David, best known for playing Ross Geller on the hit TV show, Friends, sparked anger from neighbours after he renovated his home in 2012.

"Four years ago, I would say David Schwimmer was the least popular guy on the block with the construction and all," said resident Jayson Fillermutter.

"But he has turned out to be a decent neighbour, and I am glad to hear he helped the cops with that stabbing."


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