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Scott shocked by Sherlock fantasies

Andrew Scott has said he has been stunned by some of the steamy fantasy storylines that Sherlock fans write in with.

The actor plays villain Moriarty in the hit BBC show, which also stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, and told Attitude magazine that he had been shocked by some of the programme's fan mail.

He said that saucy storylines fans wanted to see often cropped up on the internet, casting him in passionate scenes with Benedict's Sherlock who is his nemesis, Martin's John Watson and even Sherlock's brother Mycroft, played by Mark Gatiss.

According to the Daily Star, he said: "It's the drawings and the photos!

"It's mostly women doing it. You're put with quite an array of different people. I think it's done by librarians."

The 37-year-old's character was thought to have been killed off in the drama, but a viral video appearance at the end of the last series where Moriarty's face cropped up on television screens captioned "Did you miss me?", suggested his death may have been faked and he could be back for the next series.

Andrew spoke to Attitude for the new edition which is due out on August 20.


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