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Scott: US accent was easy peasy!

British actress Naomi Scott has revealed the secret to her American accent in new film Lemonade Mouth - winging it.

The rising star plays a US teenager in the Disney Channel movie, about five teenagers who form a rock group after meeting in detention.

Londoner Naomi said: "I kind of just went and did it and hoped for the best and thought, 'hopefully I'll be able to put it off'. It helped being around these guys, just certain inflections and the way that they would talk."

Her co-star Bridgit Mendler added: "It was so weird though, she'd be talking in the movie in an American accent and then she'd go back to talking in British and you'd feel like she was a different person."

Naomi is also starring in the new Tox sci-fi TV show Terra Nova, produced by Steven Spielberg.

"I've never met him but I've heard he's absolutely lovely. He's amazing, absolutely amazing," she said of the Oscar-winning director.

"I'm filming in Australia... It's been awesome, I think we've got three episodes left. It's crazy, it's just gone so quickly, I love the cast, it's just been a great experience. But it's lovely to come to London and promote Lemonade Mouth too."

:: Lemonade Mouth is set to premiere in September on Disney Channel UK.


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