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Scottish father videos hilarious argument about boyfriends with four-year-old daughter

More than a million people have been delighting in video of a father's argument with his four-year-old daughter about her having boyfriends.

In footage posted online by John Tierney from Blantyre in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, he tells daughter Grace: "I'm no letting you get a boyfriend."

Grace angrily replies: "Daddy, I'll get a boyfriend if I want to get a boyfriend."

Their comic contretemps escalate after Mr Tierney promises her: "Daddy will break his [Grace's hypothetical boyfriend] legs".

Her strong retort of "no" is followed by her father, while struggling not to laugh, saying: "You're going to be a nun, you're going to work for Jesus."

Mr Tierney told the Evening Times: "That's Grace at her best, she's a very inquisitive wee girl and she's constantly asking questions.

"This whole video came about because she waved to two wee boys going past on their scooters and I told her not to wave at boys because they're smelly."

His video was endorsed by Glaswegian comedian Limmy, who described it as "funny as f***".


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