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Seacrest hosts Million Second Quiz

Ryan Seacrest has confirmed he will host The Million Second Quiz.

The American Idol host has closed a deal to front the new extreme TV quiz.

He will take charge of the NBC competition which will pit contestants against each other answering trivia questions while inside giant hourglass structures in Manhattan's Times Square.

As the name suggests, the quizzers will take part for a million seconds, which breaks down as 11 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes and 40 seconds. A contestant leading the game earns 10 dollars per second for sitting in the "money chair," with a potential pay-off of millions of dollars.

Questions are constant but those taking part will get a couple of days off in the middle - the show runs from September 9 to 14 and then picks up again on September 16, finishing on 19.

Ryan is in his final contract year for singing contest American Idol and has a wide-ranging deal with NBCUniversal that includes presenting and producing duties on programmes across the NBC and E! networks.


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