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Seal: 'Why do people care about my fertility?'

Seal finds it "ridiculous" that people are interesting in him becoming a father again.

The 52-year-old soul singer already has sons Henry and Johan along with daughter Lou from his marriage to supermodel Heidi Klum, and is also a father figure to Heidi’s daughter Helene. Seal is now dating another fashion star, Australian beauty Erica Packer, and reports are circulating that she's carrying his child.

"Ah, you've read the rumours!" he grinned coyly to Details magazine when quizzed on becoming a dad for the fourth time. "I'm going to be annoying and say if you read it in a magazine... The fact that people are even remotely interested in if I'm becoming a father again is ridiculous."

While he didn't want to get stuck into the topic of his fertility, Seal did note that he hopes lots of babies have been conceived to his music, such as romantic track Kiss from a Rose. The musician has other things to think about at the moment though, such as releasing his ninth album titled 7 on Friday, November 6. One track is called The Big Love Has Died and many believe it's about his nuptials to Heidi ending. The pair tied the knot in Mexico in May 2005 and divorced in 2012.

"I wouldn't say that," Seal said when asked about the song rumours. "I never explain songs, because I think that takes something from them. I want listeners to attach their own, personal experiences.

"I always think if people are vaguely interested in what goes on in my life, they can listen and form their own opinions."

One person whose songwriting skills Seal is a big fan of is Joni Mitchell's, who has hits including Big Yellow Taxi and Woodstock. He believes she has an autobiographical approach to penning lyrics which reaches out to him.

"I felt that she was singing to me about my life and that she just understood," he added.

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