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Seann William Scott has moved on from jokester persona

Seann William Scott is gearing up to promote coming-of-age drama Green Dolphin.

Seann William Scott has moved on from the joke-loving character he played in American Pie.

The actor starred as Steve Stifler in the film franchise, which ran from 1999 until 2012, with the comedies proving to be a cult hit.

While Scott is grateful for how American Pie boosted his career, he now wants to remind fans that in real life he's nothing like the raucous jock he portrayed.

"I remember that I ran into a bunch of frat boys after I did American Pie and I could tell that I completely broke their hearts," he told Total Film magazine. "They really, really wanted me to be exactly like Stifler and obviously just expected me to be doing all this crazy s**t, but I'm really not like that at all."

Of late, the 40-year-old has appeared in black comedy Just Before I Go and voiced the character of Crash in Ice Age: Collision Course. But for his next gig, Scott is set to take a dramatic turn, and is taking on the part of Martin in Christopher Kenneally's coming-of-age drama Green Dolphin alongside Justine Skye and Tyler Dean Flores.

"That's literally going to be my first drama. When I first moved to L.A. to be an actor it never occurred to me to do comedies. I didn't even really watch comedies," the star shared of his decision to tackle a new genre. "I grew up watching Hal Ashby movies and Kubrick and, just dark s**t. And then I did 50 American Pie movies."

Scott is also finding that his choice of projects has shifted as he's aged, and he struggled with the physicality required in sports film Goon: Last of the Enforcers, the sequel to the 2011 movie about a team of underperforming misfits seeking semi-pro hockey glory.

"I got to play a tough guy in Goon, but I'm a bit of a b**ch in real life. I can't really play hockey either actually. I think it worked for the first movie, playing a character who wasn't very good, but I'm struggling in the sequel man," he added.

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