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Seth Rogen tells Jimmy Kimmel how his 'trip' to Amsterdam ended with a random journey to Paris

Actor Seth Rogen got so high during a trip to Amsterdam, he ended up in Paris.

The actor is known for appearing in stoner comedies like Pineapple Express and upcoming R-rated Christmas flick The Night Before. He's also dabbled with drugs himself, joking he's been doing "research" for his movie roles since he was a teenager.

While visiting talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, he recalled a time he and a friend took magic mushrooms.

"They come dried out normally, dehydrated, so you eat like 3g and then you're pretty messed up for about five hours," he explained to his host. "But in Amsterdam they were wet, fresh mushrooms, like you'd put in a salad, and so the weight was all off. We bought 60g of them, saying, 'We'll just split them, it's water weight, it's water weight.' I remember we kept saying that!"

The plan was to get high, visit a local supermarket and stock up on picnic goods and then eat them in the park. However, they realised something wasn't quite right when they started grabbing random items like cheese, toothpaste, bread and sunscreen. Suddenly Seth's friend had a light-bulb moment and exclaimed they had to get out of Amsterdam, pronto.

"He was like: 'We gotta leave Amsterdam!'" Seth laughed. "We went to the train station whilst fully tripping on mushrooms and we bought train tickets to Paris, 'cause it was kinda close. We turned up in Paris in the middle of the night, just as we were sobering up, and I thought: 'I did so many drugs, I ended up in another country!'"

Experiences like this surely helped Seth get into character for The Night Before, which also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie. It's about a group of three guys who've always gone on a huge night out before Christmas and reunite for one final bender, before they all plan to settle down.

"Jesus won't care for this; Jesus is not our key demographic!" Seth deadpanned. "No, Jesus would love it, it seems he has a great sense of humour."

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