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Seth Rogen's bathroom emergency

Seth Rogen has confessed he once relieved himself in Tom Cruise's driveway.

The actor and comedian was waiting for a meeting with the Hollywood A-lister when he was suddenly overcome with the urge to urinate - so he went in a bottle while he was parked in his car outside Tom's house.

Knocked Up star Seth first owned up on Twitter, admitting: "I once peed in a Snapple bottle in my car while parked in Tom Cruise's driveway."

He later elaborated on shock jock Howard's Stern's show, saying: "It's true...he was meeting with people like me and Judd Apatow, to kind of, I think, get a sense of the comedic landscape at the time, so me and Judd had a few meetings at his house."

When quizzed about why he didn't just knock on The Mission Impossible star's door and ask to use the bathroom, Seth, 29, said: "I showed up early, he had a very long driveway and I didn't want to go in.

"I was so uncomfortable, I had never met him before, it was so weird!"


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