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Seyfried looks to Judd for help

Amanda Seyfried has said she took inspiration from Ashley Judd when working on her latest movie, suspense thriller Gone.

The 26-year-old actress revealed she's squeamish about horror films, but a huge fan of action heroines "with balls".

"I hate blood, that's the thing," she explained at the movie's Los Angeles premiere. "I hate blood and guts. I don't like movies like that, I wouldn't go see Halloween 8.

"But I would love to go see Ashley Judd kicking a** and that's kind of what I wanted to be doing.

Seyfried stars in Gone as a young woman fighting to save her sister from a serial killer after police refuse to believe her story.

But she admitted the roles played by herself, and by Judd, were far removed from her real-life personality.

"They're awesome, normal women with balls, going after what they want," she said.

"All my characters have more balls than I do."


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