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Seyfried says moving on was 'hard'

Amanda Seyfried has admitted moving on from ex-boyfriend Dominic Cooper wasn't easy.

The duo started dating after meeting on the set of Mamma Mia! but broke up last year after more than three years together, and it took the actress a while to get over the heartbreak.

"I got my heart broken pretty hard - after that, it's really hard to open myself up to a new person, really hard," she told US Elle.

The 25-year-old, who next stars in Red Riding Hood, admitted she was hurt because she thought Dominic was over a previous relationship when they got together.

"I was just kind of foolishly thinking that the two of them were done and Dom and I were involved," she said.

Amanda - who has since been linked to Ryan Phillippe and Alexander Skarsgard - reckons falling in love with co-stars is "one of the easiest things in the world".

"You're put in a situation where you have to make out with each other. It's easy for things to get carried away," she added.


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