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Seyfried splashes out on dead horse

Amanda Seyfried has a new addition to her home - a dead horse called Antoine.

The Red Riding Hood actress already has a pet dog, an Australian shepherd called Finn, and decided to splash out on the foal.

"I got another animal, I'm going to share - I bought a three week old just this week, well it was three weeks old when it died, (it's a) miniature horse," she revealed.

"It's being shipped to LA as we speak. And it's going to be Finn's new best friend unless he tries to eat it. It's like this big, I can carry it."

She added: "It's very well done. It's the best taxidermy in the world. Its name is Antoine."

Amanda, who has been in London to promote Catherine Hardwicke's contemporary adaptation of the classic fairytale - which also stars Gary Oldman, Jeremy Irons and Shiloh Fernandez - has been missing her dog.

"I've done so many videos of Finn before I left because I couldn't bear a week without him," she said.

:: Red Riding Hood opens in cinemas on April 15.


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