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Seymour and Bisset to stay natural

Jane Seymour and Jacqueline Bisset have said they won't be going under the surgeon's knife.

The British actresses appeared on US programme The Today Show and said they were happy with a natural look.

Former Bond girl Jane, 63, said: "I stay away from Botox and all these things because (as an actress) I need my wrinkles. I just did a great movie... and was so happy to have everything moving."

She added: "I've genetically, always had bags under my eyes I tried to have them removed a long time ago.

"I know that If I smile, I look younger," the Live And Let Die star said. "Smiling is the answer and being happy, that's what it's all about. Everything lifts when you do that."

Jacqueline, 69, who earlier this year scooped a Golden Globe for her role in BBC miniseries Dancing On The Edge, said of surgery: "I don't think it makes you look younger.

"It makes you look different. And you've got to get used to yourself. You have to face yourself."

She said women started to feel "invisible" at 50.

Jane had breast augmentation about 25 years ago and has said of trying Botox once: "It was just the worst thing ever."


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