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Shania Twain's new Soldier song to feature in military service movie

The singer couldn't write a single verse to the song without crying.

Shania Twain's heart-wrenching new song Soldier will feature in a new movie about returning U.S. troops.

The country star shared a preview to Thank You for Your Service, which features her track, online on Friday (08Sep17).

The ballad tackles the sacrifice military service members and their families make during wartime.

The lyrics include "Don’t close the door when you leave, it’s cold out/I need to see the air when you breathe and say out loud/You’re not alone; when you dream, I’m with you/I hear your heart when it beats; I feel it, too/Sleep in peace/Love is tender/Please remember me."

The song also speaks to the struggle of a young soldier returning home and readjusting to civilian life, which is the theme of Thank You for Your Service.

Twain recently revealed the song was tough for her to write, telling Access Hollywood Live she couldn't get through a verse without sobbing.

The country star, who wrote many of the tracks on her upcoming album Now in the aftermath of her marriage break-up, reveals the song is all about saying goodbye to loved ones - and she really had a problem with the lyrics.

"I cried so much...," she said. "I would write a few words and then I would start crying and I'd have to take a break, and then I'd carry on writing and then I'd have to take another break. It was very emotional writing that song.

"The song is all about letting go and maybe being the last time you ever see someone... I relate it to many people in my life... People that I've had to say goodbye to or let go of. That song was a journey, emotionally, in itself."

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