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Sharon Osbourne: 'I haven't got where I am by being an airhead'

Sharon Osbourne would love to return as a judge on The X Factor next year (17), but doesn't know if her busy transatlantic schedule will allow it.

Sharon Osbourne has denied using cue cards on The X Factor.

The 64-year-old music matriarch hit headlines last month (Nov16) when she was seen waving around a piece of paper which read: "The name of the act I'm sending home is..."

While the card caused a social media storm, with many fans alleging it proved the programme was a fix, Sharon has now spoken out about the controversy, insisting those pieces of paper are the norm on the ITV show.

"We all have pieces of paper in front of us and it says 'the person I'm sending home is...' and we fill it in, then they take it," Sharon told Digital Spy. "Everyone's saying now, 'she has cue cards'. I've never had a cue card in my life. I haven't got where I am from being an airhead."

Sharon has caused several storms during this series of the talent show, including forgetting the names of her own acts. But when it comes to a potential return to the panel next year (17), Sharon isn't sure whether her busy transatlantic schedule will allow it.

"I would love to come back again, I would love to but I'm in a difficult position that I'm signed to CBS in America and I've been doing (The Talk) for 7 years and I work with amazing women... it's up to Simon (Cowell) if I come back," she smiled.

Sharon has been flying back and forth between America and the U.K. since The X Factor's live shows began, and even had to enlist the help of host Dermot O'Leary to accompany her act Saara Aalto on her homecoming journey to Finland because she was in the U.S. at the time.

When asked if she gets worn out from her constant travelling, Sharon replied: "Not really because it's what I've done my whole life - is travel. And if I hadn't have done that, I would have been in South America with Ozzy back and forth. Travel doesn't bother me."

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