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Sharon won't go under knife again

Sharon Osbourne has admitted she was obsessed with plastic surgery in the past, but will never go under the knife again.

The X Factor judge wrote in her new book, Unbreakable, that having cancer and seeing her son Jack diagnosed with multiple sclerosis had put her off any more surgery.

According to The Sun, she wrote: "I don't think I'm as bad as some women like Jocelyn "Bride Of" Wildenstein. But I won't be having any more cosmetic procedures.

"There are two main reasons. My family - and Ozzy especially - are terrified about me going under a general anaesthetic unless I absolutely have to. There's only so much the human body can take and mine does not need any more stress placed on it in my endless pursuit of youth.

"Second, my cancer, mastectomy and - more importantly - Jack's illness when he was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis put everything into perspective for me."

Sharon continued: "When you witness your own or your child's body having to fight a genuine threat, choosing to put it through the mill for the purposes of vanity seems beyond idiotic."

The music manager said she felt "genuinely disturbed" by how many times she had altered her appearance but didn't think she had any right to tell others not to do it.

She said: "If you hate your nose or ears and they make you self-conscious, then having them tweaked or pinned back will probably change your life... Similarly, I know what it's like to hate your t***. If you're a young woman and you genuinely feel embarrassed taking your top off, then who am I to say you shouldn't do something about it?"


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