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Sharp: I'm happy to play a gran

Lesley Sharp has insisted she has no problem playing a grandmother at 48.

The Scott And Bailey actress - who plays a grandmother in comedy Starlings - confessed the Radio Times she used to worry about her looks, but she has learned to embrace the ageing process.

Lesley said: "I'm certainly old enough to be a grandmother. I think it's interesting that it should be an issue, that being seen as a grandmother should be terrifying to women."

The actress added: "Over the years I've had such issues with the way I look.

"There comes a point where you just have to get on with what you've got. We can't all have faces like Elizabeth Taylor or Angelina Jolie.

"But as you get older I think you just go, 'Actually it's fine'."

And Lesley is no fan of cosmetic surgery.

She said: "Those people with puffy cheeks and crazy eyebrows under their hairline - it's become a look in itself hasn't it?

"And actually it doesn't do what it says on the tin. It takes away a few lines on your forehead, but you still don't look young. It's another version of ageing."


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