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Shaw skating her way to toned body

Suzanne Shaw has revealed that she has a much more toned body since getting her skates back on for Dancing On Ice.

The former Hear'Say singer is taking part in the final series of the ITV celebrity contest - which has invited back some of its previous stars to compete for the ultimate title.

She told the Daily Star: "I'm showing a lot of flesh. Can you ever really cover up in a Dancing On Ice costume? Not really. I don't know how far they're going to take it. If it was nipple tassels I would draw the line.

"I do feel tighter, toned and fitter. My legs and my bum have toned up but maybe not in the way I would like. I want them to be slim, not chunky, but that's what happens when I train. My muscles build quite quickly because I have an athletic body."

Suzanne, who first competed on the show in 2008, said she liked to do skating stunts but was being careful: " You want to get great scores, you want the audience to vote for you, but you're trying to be careful as it's so dangerous when you fall.

"I'm a daredevil and adrenaline junkie, but also I'm a lot more educated this time so I'm keeping my body strong."

She added: "I'm quite competitive by nature - as a dancer, I've competed all my life. It's more so with myself, though: I love challenging myself and bettering myself. So my competition really is with the person from back in 2008.

"But I'm having fun with it. It's a celebration of Torvill and Dean and 10 years of Dancing On Ice."


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